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Golden Square

17-18 Golden Square, London W1F 9JJ
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  • Guy’s Hospital opens £160 million cancer centre, with bronze sculpture by Daniel Silver ~ Ross Lydall

    Published in Evening Standard, September 2016

  • Daniel Silver: Rock Formations ~ Pavel S. Pys

    Published in Art Review, April 2015 ( p. 113 )

    Rock Formations, the artist’s first exhibition at Frith Street Gallery, presents nine works (all Untitled, 2014), each the result of making and unmaking sculpture to question where value and meaning lie.

  • Review of Daniel Silver: Rock Formations, Frith Street Gallery, London ~ Thea Hawlin

    Published in Aesthetica Magazine Blog, February 2015

    The story behind the latest sculptures of Daniel Silver (b. 1972) at Frith Street Gallery makes the work all the more compelling. It sounds like an old wives’ tale: Silver found ancient marble in a stone yard in the Italian town of Pietrasanta, blocks buried in the undergrowth, quarried years ago but now merely strange stone ghosts of the landscape. After closer inspection Silver saw that some of the stones were carved with mysterious numbers, others retained the wear of chisel marks and workman’s tools, scars that had yet to heal. It was a feature that drew Silver to the stone, to rescue these leftover fragments of a forgotten time.