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News – Thomas Schütte

  • Thomas Schütte at Skulpturenhalle

    Thomas Schütte at Skulpturenhalle

    28 January – 12 March 2017
    Skulpturenhalle, Neuss/Holzheim, Germany
    Lindenweg, Junction Berger Weg

    The Skulpturenhalle, or sculpture hall, of the Thomas Schütte Foundation on the outskirts of Neuss is the biggest and most ambitious building so far to be based on a model by Thomas Schütte. A solo exhibition of his work will be presented here.

  • Thomas Schütte: United Enemies

    Thomas Schütte: United Enemies

    United Enemies
    8 October 2016 – 15 January 2017
    Moderna Museet, Stockholm

    This solo exhibition takes the artist’s sculptural works from the past two decades as a starting point. Schütte explores shifts of scale – juxtaposing the intimate and personal with the monumental. A colossal steel figure outside the museum entrance, Vater Staat (2010), observes visitors as they arrive. The key work in the exhibition – the monumental bronze sculptures United Enemies (2011) – originate in his small, sketchy figures with heads of modelling clay made nearly twenty years earlier.

  • Thomas Schütte Skulpturenhalle

    Thomas Schütte Skulpturenhalle

    Opening 10 April 2016
    How to get there: Lindenweg, Junction Berger Weg, near Raketenstation
    41472 Neuss/Holzheim, Germany

    Frith Street Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of the Thomas Schütte Foundation’s Skulpturenhalle in Neuss, Germany. The inaugural exhibition will be of works by Mario Merz.



    To celebrate our 25th anniversary, Frith Street Gallery is delighted to announce the reopening of our original space at 60 Frith Street, Soho Square, where the gallery first operated in 1989. Since opening, Frith Street Gallery has emerged as one of the art world’s most interesting forces, instrumental in developing the careers of internationally renowned figures as well as supporting those at earlier stages of their career. The reopening of the space marks our achievements to date and our quarter century.

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    Thomas Schütte: Houses, Kunstmuseum Luzerne
    26 October – 16 February 2014

    Apart from his internationally famous sculptural work, Thomas Schütte (b. 1954) has been engaging with construction in the public space for over thirty years. In his intricate and meticulously detailed models, the artist adopts a critical approach towards prevailing architectural fashions in formal language and materials. He works away on archetypes of public buildings, or develops refined dwellings for individual people. His models are a bitter commentary on our time, both artistically and politically controversial. By placing his models on plinths and thus elevating them into monuments, Thomas Schütte shifts perception. Whether the artist abducts us to a holiday home or presents us with his design for a sculpture hall in which his own work is eventually to be collected – Thomas Schütte’s architectural works are always metaphors for his view of the world. The museum as crematorium, modernism as a ludic form of terrorism, the temple for individuals as retreat and prison in one. Thanks to the commitment of collectors, over the past few years it has been possible to build full-size versions of some of his models. The exhibition thus also engages with the scale of design and realisation, always inquiring into the human being for whom such buildings are conceived.

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