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Press relating to Bridget Smith

  • Artforum Critics’ Pick: Bridget Smith ~ Himali Singh Soin

    Published in Artforum, May 2015

    A vacant auditorium is rendered in four cyanotype prints, Blueprint for a Sea, 2015, that utilize light to mimic outlines of waves. At first, the four appear identical; then, a very slight shift in perspective is noticeable. The series thus seems to rise and fall in a rhythm of its own. Five opaline globe lights hang as celestial objects, so that the narrative of the interior washes up against the vastness of outer space. Places become psychological: in this situationist’s dystopia, architecture rid of function is of infinite discontent and infinite desire.

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  • BRIDGET SMITH: Swedenborg House: fourteen interventions ~ Peter Suchin

    Published in Art Monthly , April 2010

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  • UNUSUAL PORTRAIT ~ John Hurrell

    Published in Eyecontact, December 2008

    “Killing Time” is an extraordinary portrait of an un-named possum trapper who lives in the Ureweras, working in remote areas of mountainous bush, British artist Bridget Smith films him in his house in Tokomaru Bay as he talks about his lifestyle and certain personal events.

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  • Bridget Smith Interview ~ Helen Sumpster

    Published in Time Out, August 2007

    ‘Smith’s use of slow exposure, combined with the available lighting – which could be spotlights, fluorescent strips or chandeliers – brings a richness of colour to her images. Whether she’s highlighting the oak-panelled opulence of the Vintners’ Hall in Blackfriars or the Southall Working Men’s Club with its scuffed, checkerboard linoleum and cork-effect ceiling tiles, there’s a similar feeling of warmth: ‘That’s important because it shows both the vibrancy and inclusive nature of these clubs. In some ways they’re exclusive because you have to be a member, but that’s also what’s connecting people.’

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  • Bridget Smith ~ David Barrett

    Published in Art Monthly, December 2005 - January 2006

    Related artists: Bridget Smith

  • Bridget Smith ~ Martin Coomer

    Published in Time Out, December 2005

    Related artists: Bridget Smith

  • Bridget Smith ~ Jessica Lack

    Published in i-D Magazine, November 2005

    Related artists: Bridget Smith

  • The Five Best Shows in London

    Published in The Independent, November 2005

    Related artists: Bridget Smith

  • Bridget Smith ~ Jessica Lack

    Published in Guardian, October - November 2005

    Bridget Smith photographs escapist’s paradises like Japanese love hotels and the gaming parlours on the Las Vegas strip, where the itinerant and the footloose can revel in the delights of untrammelled promise,,1601670,00.html

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  • Eccentric Spaces ~ Jonathan Jones

    Published in Guardian, 4 April 2005

    Related artists: Bridget Smith , John Riddy , Thomas Schütte
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