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Golden Square

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Press from 2003

  • Painting the Process ~ Roy Exley

    Published in Urthona, Winter 2003

    Related artists: Callum Innes

  • Daphne Wright

    Published in Contemporary, December 2003 ( Issue 57 )

    Related artists: Daphne Wright

  • Picks of the Week: Daphne Wright

    Published in Guardian, December 2003

    Related artists: Daphne Wright

  • Daphne Wright

    Published in Art Monthly, December 2003

    Related artists: Daphne Wright

  • Daphne Wright Frith St

    Published in The Art Newspaper, December 2003 ( No.14 )

    Related artists: Daphne Wright

  • Daphne Wright at Frith Street Gallery ~ Martin Coomer

    Published in Time Out, December 2003

    Related artists: Daphne Wright

  • An eye-opener with nods to Bob Dylan, overambitious architects and pigeons ~ John Ezard

    Published in The Guardian, December 2003

    Related artists: Thomas Schütte

  • Artist lays out her work ~ Marilyn Bauer

    Published in The Cincinnati Enquirer, December 2003

    Related artists: Polly Apfelbaum

  • Documentation of Life ~ Gayatri Sinha

    Published in The Hindu, 30 November 2003

    Related artists: Dayanita Singh

  • Ingrid Calame: NYSE: Weaving the streets beneath our feet into the powers beyond our grasp ~ David Moos

    Published in Art Papers, November/December 2003

    “How do we understand a whole from its parts?” Calame asks laconically in her notes for Secular Response I, a project from 2000 that used the floor of Calame’s childhood church… as the template upon which she organized stains. “The quantity of fragments of information from which we derive our understanding of a whole unit (the universe, the world, the human body) has increased and the understanding itself further abstracted.” The motivation is simple. Amidst overwhelming complexity, where information may defeat humanism, Calame takes pencil in hand to construe the structures of our world.

    ...By converting prosaic stain into abstract line, her work chases modernism’s old utopian dream, where painting escapes reference to become, as the art historian T.J. Clark notes, “a script none of us have read before.”

    Related artists: Ingrid Calame

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