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Image of: ul.Miodowa, Kazimierz, Kraków. December 1978
  • ul.Miodowa, Kazimierz, Kraków. December 1978 , 2000
  • Unique photograph
  • 149 x 145 cm
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3 May 2000 – 28 June 2000

Frith Street Gallery is pleased to present an installation of photographs and a sound work by Craigie Horsfield. The sound work has been made together with Camille Dings, Reinier Rietveld, Mark Ritsema and Rutger Wolfson. This will be the first time that one of Horsfield’s long duration site specific sound pieces has been brought to England. Growing from the complex social projects of the past seven years, the sound works developed in Rotterdam, Stuttgart and Brussels have involved the architecture of space, place, slow time and the present.

The images and sound have been made specifically for Frith Street Gallery, the sound having been composed, recorded and mixed in studios in Rotterdam. It is made up of composed, improvised, found and sampled elements which have been remixed in the gallery over seven days to create a soundscape of five interlocking regions. As in all Horsfield’s installations, the sound and light act as architecture and as part of the condition of relation. They introduce another way of thinking about the gallery as a place of experience and of changing attention. A place to stay and return to.

Gradually unfolding in slow time, the themes of relation, of an extended conversation and the gravity of the present become apparent. They introduce a sense of the past and future, of love, hope and memory into our experience of the present. Thought itself appears to become an active engagement – distraction, losing and regaining attention all becoming a part of what is both an intensely personal and a social apprehension of the world. As Horsfield described in 1994, the artwork “moved from the object to action within the space of relation, the ‘work’ concerning being in relation”.

Although only Horsfield’s photographs have been shown in this country his work following the pivotal Barcelona project La Ciutat de la Gent of 1996 has included architecture and urbanism, theatre, film, music and new media. He is best known for his work with ideas of relation, conversation and dialogue and the present. He rarely works in Britain. The Frith Street installation follows two large scale sound works made for the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart in September/October 1999 and for Brussels 2000 in February/March 2000.